Gas Fires

No matter what style of gas fire you´re looking for, we have hundreds of fires from leading manufacturers to suit all tastes, budgets and flues. From contemporary, wall mounted gas fires to traditional outset gas fires, our comprehensive range are all offered at massively discounted prices. Our continuous investment into gas fire research ensures we can offer what is probably one of the largest ranges of gas fires, whether you wish to heat with natural gas or LPG.

Contemporary Gas Fires
Contemporary designs include inset gas fires designed to be combined within a fireplace and fires that can be installed on the wall without the need of a hearth. Many of these gas fires are offered with a choice of trim and fascia options including chrome, brushed steel and special finishes. This allows you create a modern gas fire that will fit perfectly within your decor.

Traditional Gas Fires
Gas fires in our traditional range are usually finished in brass or black and are more suited to classical designed homes. Most of the inset gas fires are made to inset within a standard fireplace opening. The trims on these gas fires are usually magnetic which allows for easy maintenance and the option to change the look of the fire when interior trends change. Several traditional gas fires are supplied with one-piece fascia frames usually manufactured from cast-iron, these will blend beautiful with cast fascia back panels or darker marble interiors.

Wall Mounted Gas Fires
Increasingly popular due to their modern styling, wall mounted gas fires are available in a large range of sizes and styles. Most wall mounted gas fires do not require a hearth to be installed (subject to manufacturers instructions) which is a bonus for smaller rooms. Open fronted fires tend to be for decorative purposes as due to their design, most heat produced will be lost up the chimney. Glass fronted, wall mounted gas fires generally offer more heat as the products of combustion circulate around the fire bed longer resulting in a higher heat output.

Outset Gas Fires
The majority of Outset Gas Fires are traditionally styled and offer impressive heat output. Suitable for most chimney or flues, this type of fire can be installed within a fireplace, on a hearth or on their own raised up on the wall. Options include high level switches, ideal for elderly people and radiant or convector models. Wood casings are also popular in this range of fires allowing you to choose a finish to match your furniture.

Glass Fronted Gas Fires
These fires offer higher efficiency and are available in all styles including inset or hole-in-the-wall. Easy to remove glass panels allow for annual maintenance and many offer a choice of fuel bed. Leading manufacturers of glass fronted gas fires include; Gazco, Kinder, Verine and Flavel Fires. Whilst a popular choice for families with small children, glass fronted fires get extremely hot and as will all gas appliances, extra care should be taken such as a suitable fire guard.

No Chimney Gas Fires
No Chimney? - No Problem! The majority of new build homes in the UK are built without a chimney or flue. This used to limit homeowners to electric fires however, there is now a large choice of gas fires available.

Balanced Flue Gas Fires
Balanced Flue gas fires are available either inset or outset and are are glass fronted. They vent directly outside through a horizontal co-axial pipe (one pipe within a larger pipe). The outer pipe draws air in from the outside and the inner pipe expels combustion gases. An electricity supply is not required for these products.

Powerflue Gas Fires
These fires use a electronically driven fan unit mounted on the external wall to expel the flue gases directly outside. A sophisticated microprocessor monitors performance and automatically shuts off the fire in the unlikely event of operation failure. The fan eliminates the need of a glass front. Available on both inset and outset gas fires the Powerflue feature requires an electricity supply.

Flueless Gas Fires
Flueless fires do not require any chimney or flue or even an outside wall – they use the latest in gas fire technology and can be installed virtually anywhere – the combustion gases produced by the fire pass through a catalytic converter within the appliance which converts the poisonous Carbon Monoxide into harmless Carbon Dioxide and water vapour. Minimum room size and suitable ventilation is required for this type of fire.

Real Chimney (or Class 1 flue) Most older properties were originally constructed with a masonry chimney. This is likely to consist of a internal chimney breast that goes from the ground floor and terminates at a chimney stack through the roof. If you do have this type of flue in your home you should be able to choose virtually any of the gas fires we have. Things to check are the internal dimensions (especially if you´re looking for a wide, contemporary hole-in-the-wall style gas fire) and whether the chimney is of sound construction with no leaks. We always recommend having a survey carried out by a local Gas Safe registered fireplace installer who can carry out the required checks before purchasing a new gas fire.

Pre-Fabricated & Pre-Cast (or Class 2 flue) More common in homes built from the 1970´s, Class 2 flues will be shallower than a conventional chimney meaning that the choice of gas fires available will be more limited. Most fire manufactures now cater for these types of flues in their product range and whilst a few years ago there was only a small percentage of gas fires available, now there are a much larger range including wall mounted gas fires and high efficiency gas fires. Finding out what depth you have within the flue is very important prior to purchase. If combining the gas fire within a fireplace, a larger rebate on the fire surround will allow you to go for a deeper, more realistic looking gas fire but again, we would always suggest getting a Gas Safe registered installer who specialises in fitting fires & fireplaces to survey your property first.

Inset Gas Fires
Inset gas fires are designed to be combined within a suitable fireplace. Virtually all fires nowadays are made to fit into the same size (16") opening. The cut-out in the fireplace back panel will be approximately 420mm wide x 560mm high. The type of flue you have will determine the class of fire you can have. Class 1 or a real chimney will result in you being able to have most gas fires as depth will not be an issue.

Hole-in-the-Wall Gas Fires
Now not only the the type of fire normally seen in a Miami penthouse, hole-in-the-wall or plasma style gas fireplaces are available from around £500 and create a stunning focal point to modern inspired interiors. Again, glass-fronted models will be the most efficient and give off the most heat but anyone looking for a ultra-cool feature is sure to fall in love with these! Many people are looking to save space in their room and subject to being fitted to manufacturers instructions, most hole-in-the-wall gas fires do not need a hearth.

Whilst the open-fronted models do not give off much heat and are designed as a decorative feature, many people who live in homes with full central heating and double glazing are happy to enjoy the mesmerising flames and do not require the fire to be a heat source. Several models are now suitable to fit below a flat-screen television which proves to be a great solution to combat the fireplace competing with the TV to be the main focal point.


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